How to Function as a Business with Only the Core

How to Function as a Business with Only the Core


Every business in the world has two elements to it: the core functions and the support functions. The core functions of a business are those aspects that make up the business: the baking of the bread in a bakery business, handling the cleaners, the cleaning products and the appointments in a cleaning service, and the software and hardware necessary to create graphics in a designing house. The support functions are just as necessary to a business because without them, the core cannot function fully. However, the support functions are not absolutely necessary to a business; they can be outsourced. Here are some of those support functions that can be stripped away, leaving a business with only its core functionality.

Technical and Network Support

Businesses nowadays need technical assistance because most use computers and other digital software and hardware. A managed IT service is a must and is usually the purview of the operations departments.

However, some businesses prefer to hand over those responsibilities to a service that specializes in business IT support in Brisbane. That way, the business saves on in- house space necessary to maintain a quad of support service providers and instead, enjoys the specialized skill set of those who work in technical support. Most support services provide one- or two- man teams depending on the size of the company and the assets to remain on- site to help with issues that need immediate attention. In most cases however, they can remotely access and fix whatever problems crop up.

Human Resource Management

Most companies and businesses choose to forgo this entirely until their employee numbers get too high for them to manage. Human resource management is a specialized field that, if done right, can save a business a lot of money by hiring (and firing) the right people, managing and providing incentives for employees to remain, and headhunting to recruit the right talent for the right job. Some companies pay a lot of attention to HR management from the beginning on the theory that it can help them build an effective team. Others choose not to have a separate HR team but use HR agencies that can provide all the above services for an annual fee. Most HR agencies will handle recruitments, promotions etc. and will place an agent in the company if requested.

Marketing and Branding

Two decades ago, companies didn’t really need a specialized section for marketing as the reputation they earned from word- of- mouth was usually enough to bring in the customers and clients. Not anymore; businesses today are all about marketing and brand recognition, it’s about which brand name people associate with the most and which they would choose over many. As competition increased, marketing gave businesses the extra edge they needed to draw revenue. Today, most businesses have in- house marketing departments but others have outsourced it to marketing agencies who work with the business on traditional marketing, branding and help it branch out in to new areas like digital marketing.

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